Who Are Anti Corruption International?

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Following an international student festival in Trondheim (Norway), Anti-Corruption International was founded in March 2015 by young people who wanted to give themselves and their fellow youth a role in the fight against corruption.

Anti-Corruption International is registered in Dublin, Ireland and represents thousands of members worldwide. We are the largest youth-focused and globally present anti-corruption organisation in the world and we continue to bring in new members with our aim of sending waves of change through our campaigns and projects. Our initiatives are shaped and executed by our members together with various partners and collaborators.

We are proud to have come a long way and we intend to continue to bring together young people to serve as key changemakers in our interest towards building a corruption-free world. We invite you to stand with us in this fight to eradicate corruption.

Who are the people behind Anti Corruption International?

Jason Deegan

President & co-founder

ACI is the perfect chance that we have to rid the world of corruption, I hope you will stand with us, in not only dreaming of a better world but in making it a reality.

You can read more of his work here.

Olga Rajchikj


 ACI is in fact a proof that changes may happen, especially when people are led by strong spirit and persistence for improvement. Coming from a small country, motivates me even more to contribute to creating fair and transparent societies..”

Felix Amelung

Head of Treasury

With ACI we have a real chance to deliver change in the future, A future where corruption won’t be silently accept but loudly condemned

Ismail Waiswa Israel

Executive Director for National Chapter Development

I believe that change can be delivered as long as young people remain focused and persistent in pursuit of a corruption free world

Rebaone Mangope

Head of Funding

ACI has given me the platform to not only express my experiences of corruption but more importantly to redefine what it means with youth around the world.

Hossam Hassan Gadou

Executive Director for Internal Relations.

I believe that, youth of today are facing many challenges, some are concerned with the environment, some are concerned with health, some are concerned with poverty, some are concerned with education, and some are concerned with technology, but at Anti-corruption International we are challenging corruption.  Which in many cases is affiliated with all that I have mentioned, I understand, it was never easy, it never has been and it never will be easy to fight corruption, and challenge those who benefit from corruption. But I believe if we work together towards a corruption free world, one day we will reach our goal.

Benjamin Wheatland

Executive Director for External Relations

Corruption affects all of us, and it is up to us all to help put an end to it. ACI offers a vital, unified voice for young people at a time when it is needed most

Sietse Blom

International Board member

My passion for the development sector and international cooperation have been sparked by my lobby and communication work at INGO Cordaid. Together with the International Board Members I aim at putting anti-corruption measures on the agenda worldwide.

Samson Joseph

International Board member

Africa is one of the regions most plagued by corruption and a region where the link between corruption and African society and the economies of African states are so intertwined that they are almost indistinguishable, The question remains, Will you join us?

Awaiting Replacement

International Board member

Nouha Harbouria

International Board member

We, the youth, will turn our ancestors’ wish to live in a world free of corruption into a reality. » A zealous claim of a bunch of unrealistic young dreamers, it may sound. For those who think we are mad, we can assure them that through our actions we will show that not to be the case.

Muna Abid

International Board member

I am addicted to social work and making the world a better place , I’m also a full time dreamer, I think different and want to acheive something great in my lifetime, I’m determined to see the eradication of corruption in my lifetime and believe with ACI activists this is possible.

Vania Putatti
European Policy officer

Vania is ACI’s representative in Brussels. He is responsible of the coordination between ACI and the European Union in the first instance. He will analyse report on the outcomes of the European working groups, committees, and similar institutions in order support the ACI mission in the EU institutions.
He provides services to ACI concerning any of their activity in Brussels, which includes organisation of events, and liaising with other stakeholders or potential partners. 

Who we work with.

Compliance Channel
European Student Think Tank
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