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Are you committed to campaigning for accountability?

You can get involved in our Not In My Country campaign

This campaign aims to use the potential of digital technology, to develop an innovative approach to addressing the role accountability (or lack thereof) plays in the fight against corruption and the abuse of power around the world.

Do you want to campaign to protect whistleblowers?

In our European Anti Corruption Youth Conference we bring together young people from around Europe.

Will you join together with young people to deliver on “3 days to change” and campaign for improving protections for whistleblowers, who perform a vital duty to society.

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Campaigns Against Corruption

Will you stand with Young Leaders from across Africa

Get involved in our Young African Leaders Summit.

We are bringing together young people from across Africa, to discuss the role of accountability and transparency in the shaping of the 21st Century African Leader, Will you join them?

International Challenges Require International Solutions

We are campaigning for an International Anti Corruption Court

We here in Anti Corruption International see the need for an international solution to corruption and for those we are working with a number of partners to call for an International Anti Corruption Court, Are you interested?

Internatioanl Anti Corruption Court | Anti Corruption International
What is the cost of corruption-

Corruption can be eradicated, when its value is understood

We continue to work on developing our Corruption Costs Index

We have long believed that the key to eradication of corruption lays in the ability to effectively communicate, just how costly such acts are; locally, regionally, nationally and globally. To this end Anti Corruption International are working on developing a comprehensive Corruption Costs Index.