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Support the fight against corruption,

International Campaign

Being International serves as one our key strengths, but one that is difficult to maintain without adequate resources to support our members around the world.

Support the fight against corruption,

Young People Delivering Change

Our organisation is built on people, and the ability of people to effect change within their communities, many of which are incredible marginalised and vulnerable

Committed to Change

We won’t stop working on ensuring that power around the world is held to account, and with your support we can ensure that we never have too.

Reliant on Support

An effective organisation, must be able to effectively campaign for the change it wants, we are committed to accountability and transparency will you help us make these value flourish

From classrooms in Uganda to the streets of Berlin, Anti Corruption International educates, empowers and engages young people to fight against corruption

We work with our members, partner organisations & supporters to effect change in how corruption is dealt with.

With thousands of members around the world we have begun the process of proving that young people have a valuable role in the fight against corruption.

Can you support the fight against corruption and help us ensure that power is always held to account?

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Everyday we campaign for change in how corruption is dealt with, we seek to work with young people in making a world free from corruption a reality, will you make a suggested donation below to support our work?

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