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We need to talk about protecting whistleblowers in Europe

Whistleblower Rights in EUOn the second anniversary of Anti Corruption International, two of the primary founders of the organisation were in a windy Brussels campaigning. They were seeking to advance the discussion on the relevance of combating corruption for the European Union, an area which even this year has seen its setbacks.
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European Citizens Constitution | Anti Corruption International
Why the European Union Matters in the fight against corruption

The very disappointing step not to publish the EU Anti Corruption Report, for example, was at the forefront of activists’ worries about the EU shirking its responsibilities.

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Corruption & Climate Change

Climate Change is the most important issue of the 21st century. The phenomenon is threatening the life of millions of people, animals and plants on earth. The impact of Climate Change is affecting the Earth’s atmosphere, causing severe weather conditions and inducing the spread of life-threatening diseases. The impact of Climate Change is affecting the most vulnerable poorest countries in the world.

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Corruption stories from across the internet


Modi Government Corruption

Modi government introduces software to catch ‘corrupt’ officers 

Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh said the new system will expedite the departmental proceedings, thus ensuring that corrupt officers are brought to justice without delay. 
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Source: Economic Times


Congo President Daughter Corrutpion

Credit – © Thierry Charlier, AFP

Congo’s President daughter charged with corruption in France

investigators have widened a corruption probe into the French assets of three African ruling families, charging the daughter and son-in-law of Congo’s President Denis Sassou Nguesso, judicial sources told AFP on Sunday.

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European Anti Corruption Report

Why won’t Brussels release a Europe-wide corruption report?

Campaigners want to know why Brussels bureaucrats are refusing to release a report on fighting corruption.EU chiefs had promised to report every two years on how well countries in the bloc were battling graft.

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Source: Euronews

The Middle East

Former Israeli Prime Minister Corruption

Israel’s ex-PM Olmert granted
early release from prison in a corruption case

Israeli ex-prime minister Ehud Olmert was freed from prison on Sunday after being granted parole in a corruption case that reduced his sentence by a third.

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The Americas

Brazil Prime Minister Corruption

Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty Images

Brazil’s president Michel Temer charged with corruption

Brazil was plunged into a new constitutional crisis on Monday night when Michel Temer became the first serving president to be formally charged with committing a crime while in office.

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Editors Choice

Macron against corruption


Macron rides European wave of lower tolerance for corruption

National judiciaries in Europe are making more strenuous efforts to root out graft

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