February 24th - 26th in Jinja, Uganda

The journey for a better world starts with one step.-2

We Aim to Inspire, Encourage and Motivate the Next Generation of Great African Leaders. Will You Join Us?

We want to bring together the best and brightest in African leadership to the heart of Africa.

  • Are you a leader rather than a follower?
  • Do you dream of making your country less corrupt?
  • Do you have what it takes to lead people to change?
  • Are you prepared for the challenge? If so, register below. 

You Can pre-register for #TYALS2018 below. 

Contact the Organizer

Tel. (+ 256 ) 783 521 550 or E-Mail: uganda@anticorruptionintl.org

Ismail Israel, the conference Coordinator, and his team will be happy to assist you with all questions you might have regarding #TYALS2017.

Please get in touch with ACI Uganda to discuss how you will pay the participation fee of USD 50.

Anti-Corruption International is incredibly excited to welcome young people from across Africa and indeed across the world to Uganda to talk about how we can empower young people to lead the next generation of change.

The focus of this summit will be to equip Youth leaders of University Guild Councils, Youth councillors at both District & Municipal/Subcounty councils, Civil Society & Government agencies as well as at businesses with knowledge, skills and inspiration in the fight against corruption around the world and specifically the battle against corruption in Africa.

Participants will be charged with the task of brainstorming on how best they can work in putting an end to corruption. The summit will be pro-active with Workshops, Questions, Group Works, Debates and Team Game Challenges to reflect more closely the ACI vision and mission and indeed to empower the next generation of African leadership.

In order to make this summit a success, ACI is working in partnership with Students for Liberty UgandaWOCAD and Youth Connect Uganda. Main organizer is our local chapter, ACI Uganda.

Benefits to Participants:

  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Opportunity to join and get supported by Anti Corruption International and its leadership networks
  • All participants will be issued with participation certificates
  • Networking platform with like minded young leaders

Format of the sessions:

Each group will consist of between 15-20 people. Upon arrival and registration you will be asked to fill out a small questionnaire which will help us to place you in specific groups. It will also facilitate to keep up a balance according to gender & interests of all participants.

Thematic Overview:

Africa is a continent of the young, with more than 60% of the total population below the age of 25. Any serious policy for social, political and economic development in Africa must recognize the importance of young people, especially in promoting social progress, reducing the burden of corruption, reducing political tension and maximizing economic performance.

The costs of corruption are a heavy burden to bear. The African Union estimates that 25 per cent of the continent’s GDP (nearly 150 billion dollars) is lost due to corruption. Nations that fight corruption and improve their rule of law could increase their national income by 400 per cent. Several studies provide evidence of the negative correlation between corruption and the quality of government spending, services and regulations. According to UNODC, corruption, bribery, theft and tax evasion cost some US $1.26 trillion for developing countries per year.

As is emphasized in the Preamble to the UN Convention against Corruption, corruption poses a threat to the stability and security of societies, undermines the institutions and values of democracy and justice and jeopardizes sustainable development and the rule of law. As the guardian of the Convention, ACI is committed to promoting good governance, integrity and transparency to empower young African leaders to contribute to their countries achievement on the Sustainable Development Goals. #TYALS2017 will contribute significantly to the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development while focusing on channels that the Youth can use to fight corruption in all its aspects.

Africa is still hemorrhaging over 50 billion dollars annually to rampant graft, which has a detrimental impact on the development of the continent, for it affects the effective provision of public services, particularly services to the most vulnerable groups of society.

Despite the plethora of efforts deployed to combat corruption it remains an endemic problem in most countries of on the African Continent. Anti-corruption polices that have been promulgated have not been adequately operationalized. Laws that have been enacted to promote transparency and public accountability have been flouted, often by the very lawmakers that crafted them.

Fundamental regulations and cardinal principles that serve as triggers to unlocking the barriers to exposing corruption, such as access to information, whistle blower protection, and asset declaration, have still not found their way into the statue books of many AU member states.

Anti-corruption agencies continue to operate with limited mandates, budgets, independence and capacity. Parliamentary oversight remains elusive, as overreaching and overbearing executives dominate decision and appointment making of high level officials to anti-graft institutions, regulatory agencies, the judiciary, and other public and private institutions designed to defend and promote good governance and democratic practice.

During #TYALS2017 we will seek to find solutions to all of the above-mentioned problems while emphasizing the role Young African Leaders can take.


Accomodation Location: Rubaga Students Center, Jinja

Accommodation and meals are included in the ticket price. However, no financial support can be given for your travel arrangements. 

Summit venue

Please check this section from time to time as the schedule might be subject to change. More detailed information will be provided directly to the participants.


February 24: Summit open day

ACI  Uganda will officially open the Summit, TYALS partners, officials, visitors will be introduced. Participants registration is on going, so this will be read to confirm attendants by 8:30am – 9:00am before summit discussions start at 10:00am.

10:00am – 5:00pm [includes break & lunch schedules]


Topics and sessions DAY 1


Session1:  Understanding the rationale and key elements of corporate governance, transparency and accountability.

Session2: Understanding good governance and how it promotes transparent and accountable societies and institutions in Africa. To what extent are the youth participating in good governance and promotion of rule of law.

Session 3: The Role of youth in Power in Dismantling Entrenched Corruption, and Consolidating Democratic, Accountable Governance and Sustainable Peace.

Session 4: Understanding governance challenges in Africa and how to deal with them using youth innovative approaches.



Session1: Understanding corruption, its major causes and impact to development in the African context. Sighting examples of major cases of corruption and how they were addressed by different Africa states to spark youth discussion.

Session 2: Discuss the extent to which the national and international laws and frameworks on anti corruption have been implemented in fostering the attainment of the previous MDGs; now post Agenda 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. Recommendations from participants generated and shared in plenary discussions.



Session 1: Response to corruption– What is the youth’s response to ensure that public money gets used for the perception good. Reference made on the realistic innovative work of youth leaders in advancing transparency, accountability and respect of the rule of law in anti corruption work.

  • Mainstreaming Gender and Incorporating Grassroots Women’s Perspectives in Global Anti-Corruption Initiatives and Agendas.

Session 2:  Response to corruption-What is the role of young people in media to expose corruption and empower youth to demand accountability. Good practices indentified shared among participants and discuss facilitated to suggest ways of improvement.

  • Discussing about the online civic innovation against corruption – New technology to solve an old problem.

Session 3: Response to corruption– What is the role of youth Civil Society Organisation in the fight against corruption in Africa. What are the major challenges that deter their active engagement in fostering good governance? Are there good examples of African parliamentarians exhibited in ensuring transparent and accountable mechanisms are promoted in respect with the rule of law?

Session 4: Role of government institutions and instruments in curbing down corruption tendencies. To what extent has this been achieved among participating African Countries. Borrow good examples by police and the judicial system in handling corruption cases.

  • Learning from country case studies: contemporary themes in combating corruption.
  • How can we utilize International Transparency and Anti-Corruption Standards to Advance Domestic Policy.


February 25: Continuation- Summit open discussions & presentations

Summit discussions, workshops & presentation go from 8:00am – 4:00pm [includes break & lunch schedules].

Closing ceremony: 5:30pm

Party : 7:00pm till late

Additional details on this will be available here soon.


Topics and sessions DAY 2


Session1: How to strengthening youth Civil Society Organizations to effectively engage in anti corruption activities. Case studies from CSOs engaging youth in advocacy on transparency and accountability in Uganda and Africa in general.

Session 2: Youth influence in making anti-corruption treaties work in each country context. Examples of youth advocacy work and how it influences government and private sector to be accountable for their corruption actions.



Session 1: What are challenges surrounding young people engaging with NGO’s/Foundations fighting corruption– and how we can overcome this.

Session 2: Youth advocacy experiences at local and international level to raise awareness and citizen mobilization. Showcase anti corruption work for the youth for shared learning.



Session 1: Benefits of creating strong strategic partnerships and networks for joint implementation of anti corruption interventions/interventions.

  • How do we strengthen suitable sustainable youth regional networks for a common goal of promoting zero corruption in African Countries?


February 26: Summit End day

Visit to Source of River Nile

Boat ride at Lake Victoria 8:00am-10:00am

Departure: 11:00am

Additional details on this will be available here soon.