With a number of years of experience in creating and leading campaigns, we have developed considerable expertise in driving campaigns that inspire change.

Recently we have sought to streamline our campaigning, and to focus our efforts on two distinct campaigns, which are targeted in regions where we are strongest.

MOST FREQUENT QUESTIONS | European Scorecard Project

What campaigns have been ran previously

We've ran campaigns focused on whistleblower rights, on empowering the next generation of young African leaders, on utilising creative and technological approaches to the challenge of corruption.

What resources can you offer?

We primarily aim to link in young people who've expressed an interest in tackling corruption through our large member base, alongside providing administrative advice and guidance.

Where do you run campaigns

We are open to running campaigns around the world, however at present our current focus campaigns are targetted at the EU level in Europe, alongside inviting young leaders from across Africa to get involved in the Young African Leaders Summit.

How can I give my clothes and other products ?

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